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Huddersfield V Sheff Wed

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You will have at least 10 balls per game to volley into the net. For every goal you score, you get another ball and another chance to add to your score.

The scoring works as follows:

  • 4000 points and another free shot if you score
  • 500 points if you force the keeper to make a save
  • 200 points if you hit the post or cross bar
  • 100 points if you connect with the ball at all

Watch out - if you only manage a half volley (as in, the ball bounces first) your points will be halved!


At the start of the volley game, you'll get the choice of either keyboard or mouse controls.

Move the player with the mouse and left click to shoot
Left and right arrows to move, and press the space bar to shoot

If you score over 10,000 points you'll be allowed to add your score to the pot and help your club.